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Lake Michigan College consumes nearly 8 million pages a year in print and copier services. To better manage these resources, LMC is implementing PaperCut, a printer and copier management solution. PaperCut is a software application that monitors student printing across campus, as well as student photocopying in the library. PaperCut has been installed to reduce wasteful paper and toner consumption. Implementing this program will permit you to print or copy what is needed for coursework while controlling problems of unnecessary printing and copying.

Student printing in the open labs will be metered using PaperCut. Students will receive a free $20 print and copier credit allocation per semester, good for approximately 400 pages.


How does metered printing work?

• At the start of each semester/term all students enrolled in at least one class will receive a free $20 credit allocation in their PaperCut account.

• PaperCut shows each student how much they’ve printed and copied. Print and copy activity is applied against each student's allotment.

• Students will be charged 5 cents per page for single side prints, and 7 cents for two-sided prints.

• To print from within an open lab, a student will use a PaperCut to manage print jobs. (See attached User Guide)

What happens when I use up my print/copy credit?

• Additional print credits can be purchased in $2 and $5 increments at the cashier’s office, and at the front desk of the South Haven, M-TEC, and Bertrand Crossing campuses

How will I know I am getting low on my print/copy allotment?

• PaperCut will display a small box (or widget) when you are logged into the LMC network.


Who can use PaperCut?

• Student must have a registered LMC email address. (Wavelink Account)

• Campus guest and student not currently enrolled in a class can purchase print card.

What are the benefits?

• Students will have access to print options that include two-side printing and other options, based upon the print device.

• Student document are secure; print jobs must be manually released at the print station by the student.

• Students will have access to color printers and copiers in the near future.

• In the near future, students can print from their own devices using Web Print.

Support is provided at ,or (269) 927-8189

Please click on a guide below for detailed tutorials on PaperCut.

Adding Funds

Creating a New USer Guest Account

Print Release Station Tutorial

Printing Your Document

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