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Accessing Wavelink and Registering for Classes (Returning LMC Students)

• Go to

• Log in using your Wavelink User Name* and Password

• Make sure the “LMC Student” tab is selected

• Click the “Register/Add/Drop Classes” link and follow the posted instructions. *Your WaveLink User Name is automatically created when you first set up your WaveLink account. Your User Name will be the first character of your first name, first four (4) characters of your last name, and three (3) random numeric values (Example: Thomas Blake = tblak123). If you have not already activated your new account, please go to the WaveLink home page at and click the link in the FIRST TIME SETUP box.

Forgot your password?

Forgot your User Name, Password, or Security Question? You can find your LMC ID, WaveLink User Name, Password, or Security Question by clicking on the “Forgot User Name or Password?” link in the WaveLink Login box and provide two of the following: a) your 8-digit security number, b) your social security number, or c) your birth date. If you forget your security question you will need to contact the Information Technologies HelpDesk at (269) 927-8189.

The original security question is the last four digits of your social security number. Follow the directions to change the security question. All WaveLink login issues should be directed to the Information Technologies HelpDesk at (269) 927-8189 or via email at

WaveLink - Missing Student Tab - FAQ


After logging into WaveLink, you may find that you are missing the Student Tab. This could be for a variety of reasons:

• If you have just applied today, it may take up to one day for your application to be processed. Once it’s processed you’ll have access to the Student Tab. If you have questions about your application, please contact Student Services.

• If you have submitted an application for a future term, you may not see a Student Tab until registration for that term begins. For instance, you may have accidentally submitted an application for the Fall term expecting to sign up for Summer classes. If you think this is the case you can contact Student Services and they can correct the error.

• If you have a sibling or a relative who attends or attended LMC and you share an email address with them, this may prevent you from seeing the Student Tab. Due to limitations within WaveLink, two users who share the same email address may experience issues like this. Have one of the two users remove the duplicate email address from WaveLink, or contact the IT Helpdesk and we can resolve this for you.

Known Issues (Session Time-Out/Session Expired)
While using WaveLink, you may encounter a “Session Time-Out/Session Expired” error message. This usually happens if you forgot to log out of a previous WaveLink session or left a window open from a previous log-in. When you’re finished in WaveLink, please be sure to close any open WaveLink windows or tabs (such as student schedule, class registration, etc.) and click the “logout” button in the upper right corner of WaveLink.


If you see a “Session Time-Out/Session Expired” message, here are some steps you can follow:


• Make sure you’re not logged into WaveLink from another PC or browser.

• Log out of WaveLink and close all open browser windows. Clear your browser cache and cookies (For help with clearing your cache, click here).

• Try using another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

• Wait 5-15 minutes and try again.

• If you still get a “Session Expired” message, check what browser and version you’re using (usually, you can go to “Help” -> “About” to see the version number)

o If you are using IE 9 or IE 10, you may need to apply a Microsoft update to fix your Session Expired issue. Microsoft update “Microsoft patch KB2846071 for IE9 and IE 10”.

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